Curry noodles

Posted: February 8, 2009 by nietize in Pork, Singaporean
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Fry diced shallots with sambal chilli, then add in pork ribs marinated with salt and curry powder. Fry it for a while till you see the oil released from the pork ribs. Add in potato chunks which have been fried with some salt. Mix it all together. Add water and simmer till the pork is cooked. Pour in some coconut milk and season. Serve with noodles and lettuce.

My mom’s curry recipe. Normally, no one uses pork in curry for I guess religious reasons. My grandmother just threw in pork ribs one day while cooking curry, probably because she wanted to use whatever’s in the fridge and realised that it goes really well as a meat for curry. So this tradition of using pork ribs in curry passed on to my mom and now to me.


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