Curried butternut squash soup

Posted: March 1, 2009 by lainey in Pumpkin, Soup

What is more heartwarming than a tangy and spiced butternut squash soup? A curried version! I love this – this is great for winter, maybe the former is better for autumn.
I’ve adapted this recipe from a slew of recipes I found online.

4 teaspoon of butter
1 butternut squash 
2 apples – 1 granny smith, 1 red
1/2 cup of apple cider (you can substitute with apple juice if you can’t find apple cider I guess)
3 cups of chicken broth
1 super large onions (or 2 small ones, hee)
3 teaspoons of curry powder
salt and pepper

1. Cut squash into half, scrape away fibers and seeds, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and roast in oven for 30 minutes. spoon out the squash (removing the skin would now be easy).

2. melt butter in saucepan, add onions and curry powder and cook on low heat until onions are tender.

3. Add apples and half the chicken broth. Simmer till apples are tender.

4. Add squash and apple cider. Simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Leave to cool before blending in food processor (or hand blender). Use remaining chicken broth to play around with the consistency of the soup. For me, I didn’t have to use any additional broth at all!

6. Bring to a simmer again in saucepan and add salt and pepper to taste.


Jeff’s score : 8/10


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