Claypot rice (with a rice cooker)

Posted: March 6, 2009 by lainey in Chicken, Chinese, Rice

How it looks in the rice cooker.

Lunch is served.

I remember when I first left for Melbourne for my first degree, my mom would tell me the wonders of the rice-cooker, and how I should make claypot rice. Now claypot rice is a beloved dish in my family. When I was a little girl, my family and relatives would come together on a Sunday evening, drive down to that particular stall in Chinatown, order a few claypots of rice and wait a really long time for it to arrive. The anticipation was full of chatter and excitement and the final arrival of the fragrant, slightly burnt rice was always greeted with oohs and aahs and within minutes, everything was devoured.

So my mom kept telling me that it’s a perfect one-dish meal. And I never cooked it. Lately, I’ve been missing my mom. And when one misses her mom, one will hear her mom’s voice (or nagging?) in her mind’s ears. So yea, it dawned upon me that claypot rice might not be such a bad idea after all.

Marinade chicken wings with oyster sauce, sesame oil, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce overnight. Add some chinese wine if you have (i don’t). Chop some garlic and mix it with rice and cook the rice in the rice cooker the normal way. Then when rice is half cooked, add the chicken wings, pre-soaked and squeezed dry dried shitake mushrooms, and some cabbage. When the rice cooks, drizzle with 1tsp of sesame oil and dark soy sauce, fluff and eat.

It’s a really easy and heartening dish to eat. Jeff loves it! I think what’s missing is the chinese wine and chinese sausage. That will really add complexity to the flavour.

Oh, please add the cabbage last, I put it in wayyy too early with the rice and all I got was wisps of fibre…heh.


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