Cardamon-infused Dark Chocolate Truffles

Posted: October 18, 2009 by lainey in Dessert

I got the recipe off my favourite dessert blogger, La Tartine Gourmande, who is French and based in Boston! This particular recipe of hers made it to the Boston Globe. I made mini-changes:

1) Instead of using two kinds of chocolate, I just used Trader Joe’s Dark Baking Chocolate.
2) Instead of using an electric mixer, I decided to just mix using a fork for convenience’s sake. Just mix really hard and well I guess.
3) I waited 3 hours but the ganache was still rather soft, which is why I couldn’t shape them well, but the next day, they were fine. So I’ll prob chill overnight the next time. I actually re-shaped the truffles and rolled them in cocoa powder a second time.

I know the shape’s a bit weird, gotta try to make them nice for the next batch so that i can bring it to Jeff’s party. But…they are the richest and most delicate things ever! Yummy! Love the cardamon flavour!


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