Gratin of smoked haddock, spinach, emmental and crème fraîche

Posted: August 20, 2010 by nietize in British, Haddock
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From Masterchef

Serves 4

2kg/4lb fresh spinach
2 large smoked haddock fillets, skinned and boned
4 large ripe tomatoes
240ml/8fl oz crème fraiche
125g/4oz emmental cheese, grated

Pick off the stems and wash the spinach.

Put on a large pan of salted water to boil. When rapidly boiling cook the spinach for 2 minutes, pour into a colander and refresh under cold water. Squeeze dry with hands.

Slice smoked haddock into bite-sized pieces.

Take a large earthenware baking dish or gratin dish, roughly chop the spinach and sprinkle on the base of the dish.

Next place on the smoked haddock, smear over the crème fraiche, then place sliced tomatoes sparingly onto the cream.

Finish with the grated emmenthal cheese.

Place in an oven at 160-180C/325-350F/Gas3-4 for 30 minutes and finish under a medium grill for 5 minutes.
Serve with crusty bread

Not too sure how far the cook for this dish – Sam Clifford advanced in Masterchef but I like this recipe, wonderful combination of ingredients and easy to cook as well. Being unadventurous when it comes to cheese, I decided to stick with the safer choice of cheddar.


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