Whole Wheat Pizza With Shitake Mushrooms, Feta Cheese, Bacon and Sliced Tomatoes

Posted: May 4, 2011 by lainey in Italian, Mushroom, My own creation, Pizza

Just bought a pizza stone at Whole Foods and decided to make a healthy lunch over the weekend using my go-to whole wheat pizza recipe from Smitten Kitchen and just topped the pizza with whatever we had left in the fridge.

Some stuff to note:

1) Don’t scrimp on olive oil when sautee-ing mushrooms.

2) If pizza stone manual says bake at 450 degrees, and pizza recipe says bake at highest oven temperature, FOLLOW the manual or the pizza base will burn :p

3) If pizza recipe says to wait 2 hours, do not be impatient and wait only an hour.

  1. […] stone and fresh organic strawberries (on sale!) at Whole Foods this week, so I had a blast making a pizza and some luscious strawberry frozen yogurt this weekend. Whole wheat pizza with shitake mushrooms, […]

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