Pork with leeks and celery

Posted: May 13, 2012 by nietize in Greek, Pork
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From kalofagas.ca

You can read the recipe by clicking on the link above. Not posting his recipe here as there’s a specific request not to.

Had a lunch party yesterday where i made baked eggs with creamy leeks, mediterranean fish stew, chicken with chorizo and cabbage and potato gratin. As a result, I had loads of leftover leeks and celery, and so I went googling to see what I could do with these ingredients. First recipe that cropped up was this Greek dish. Really love this recipe for the colours and flavours. Reminds me of a milder version of a chinese dish – preserved vegetables pork.

What I didn’t do, which I suspect may have had a huge impact on the taste is to use peperoncini. I think the taste will be much stronger with this. Instead, I used some mixed peppers in extra virgin oil which I got from Waitrose. Will try it next time, if i do get hold of it.


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