Balti chicken in saffron sauce

Posted: March 30, 2014 by nietize in Chicken, Indian
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50g Butter
2 Tablespoons Corn Oil
1.3kg Chicken, Skinned and cut into 8 pieces
1 Onion, Medium, Chopped
1 Teaspoon Garlic Pulp
1/2 Teaspoon Crushed Black Peppercorns
1/2 Teaspoon Crushed Cardamom Pods
1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
1 1/2 Teaspoons Chilli Powder
2/3 Cup Natural Plain Yogurt
1/2 Cup Ground Almonds
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Teaspoon Saffron Strands
2/3 Cup Water
2/3 Cup Single Light Cream
2 Tablespoons Fresh Coriander (Cilantro)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Melt the butter and oil in a deep round bottom skillet or medium karahi. Add the chicken pieces and fry until lightly browned. This will take about 5 minutes. Remove the chicken using a slotted spoon, leaving behind as much of the fat as possible.

Add the onion into the same pan and fry over medium heat. Meanwhile Mix together the garlic, peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon, chili powder, yogurt, ground almonds, lemon juice, salt and saffron into a mixing bowl.

When the onions are lightly browned, pour the spice mixture into the pan and stir fry for about 1 minute.

Add the chicken pieces and continue to stir fry for another 2 minutes. Add the water and bring to a simmer.

Transfer the contents of the pan to a casserole dish and cover with a lid, or if using a karahi, cover with foil. Transfer to the oven and cook for 30 to 35 minutes.

Once you are sure the chicken is cooked through, remove from the oven and transfer to a frying pan and stir in the cream.

Reheat gently for 2 minutes, garnish with fresh coriander and serve with plain boiled rice.


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